The agricultural sector in Ghana constitutes a large part of the economy. The production of cash and subsistence crop is a major part of rural life..

We provide agricultural tools and resources to assist farmers in Ghana. Our ultimate goal is to increase the productivity and yield of the farmers. With our partners, Worldwide Supply, we provide various kinds of tools and machinery necessary for cultivating large pieces of land.


Afroeuro Business Services offer marketing advise to entrepreneurs in the Netherlands and Ghana who are interested in investment and trade.

Our marketing services provide assistance to entrepreneurs and investors intending to establish in Ghana. Our diverse team of professionals will provide support in web design, business development and branding for your business.


We collaborate with a major distributor of household goods and the main import partner of household products in Ghana. 

With our partner, Worldwide Supply, we provide household products to families in Ghana.


GB4All develops innovative homes, which produce more energy than they consume. You can customise the homes during and after the building process. GB4All homes are fast to build, green and eco-friendly. Better still, they are affordable.

GB4All is our real estate partner. Afroeuro Business Service is the official representatives for Ghana.


We build responsive websites that engage your customers , promote traffic , and build up your brand . We improve value and help clients reach their unique business goals by connecting technology, clear design, and great service.


We organise business events bringing together investors, entrepreneurs and various communities interested in investing in Ghana and the Netherlands.

We recently campaigned for the 2017 Business Fair held in The Hague, The Netherlands.

Visit the website we crafted at http://www.ngbizfair.com.